A few words from the Executive Officer’s Desk.

Well, we are moving right along with our long term plans for Team USA and the Armored Combat League. People are signing up with Team Snap (our team management software), our social calendar is filling up with demos, events and practices and we now have insurance! For those of you that will be holding demos, practices and tournaments, please be aware that we now have waivers and they need to be signed by all participants.
Additionally Insurance is part of official Team USA Registration. If you are not registered, and wish to participate you may acquire “day of insurance” from us or join the Armored Combat League by purchasing $50.00 ACL Membership and be covered by our insurance for for all official practices, demos and events held here in the US!
Our Insurance coverage has a strong liability policy and additional protections for officers, agents and official volunteers.
Practices, events and demos must be approved and sanctioned to be labeled official and covered under our policy. There is no “official” Team USA or Armored Combat League practice without written approval through my office and publication on the Team snap message board..