So you don’t know how to make armor? Buy an ACL kit for $1500-2000!

So you don’t know how to make armor? Buy an ACL kit for $1500-2000!

This lists a quick set of armor items, which should get you up and running for ACL combat.

So disclaimer, not all armor is up to snuff.  Not all the info below may apply or fit you.  That is okay, this is to give you a realistic idea on armor costs.

American Disclaimer.  Buy American if you can.  Sure, absolutely.  Help out the little guy and such.  Of course Capitalism and Commercialism are just as American.  Some armorers in the US also import stuff and resell them.  So, if you want to just buy your kit, here is a couple price lists (thanks to an anonymous contribution) of a couple inexpensive kits:

NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement of their products, but just an FYI of potential sources.  This isn’t exactly a complete list either as it doesn’t show shoes or any soft kit underneath.

Euro kit

gauntlets 125

helm 490 with aventail

brig 300 depending on material

arm and forearm 150

plate legs 350

cased greaves 175

total 1690 all brand new


mongol kit

gauntlets 140

helm 425 with aventail

brig 600

bazubands 150

greaves plated 175

knee cops 80

total 1570 all brand new

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